Designing new ways for people to interact with the world.

Change is constant, disruptive, and everywhere. It’s an exciting time to be creating the future. With over 20 years experience pushing boundaries, I help clients:

  • Connect design with new technologies to discover new and disruptive opportunities
  • Create future scenarios that help unite and guide organizations
  • Design innovative experiences and interfaces that are smart, exciting and beautiful

Because much of the work is confidential, what’s here is just an overview. Say hi and I’ll tell you more.

Small starts can lead to big ideas

Projects often start with a pretty loose brief. Like, “we have some data, but don’t really know what to do with it.” Or, “we know there’s a better solution out there, but what?”

These are great questions. It lets projects start by exploring possibilities. It may be through research and ideation — often getting inspiration from unexpected places. Or it may be through sketching in code — an almost sculptural process where by working with real content or data, ideas and concepts begin to take form.

What’s exciting about starting small, is that the ideas that emerge can be even more surprising and impactful.

Recognizing that every problem is different

The world keeps changing. The mediums keeps changing. The tools keep changing. The process needs to change, too.

I work with clients to figure out what’s possible. I consult or build teams appropriate to the project.

It’s through thoughtful research, experimentation, and iteration, that answers develop.

What’s a Triplecode?

Triplecode was founded in 1998 by David Young with the mission of inventing interactive experiences that put users in control using highly adaptive and fluid interfaces. The work was created via a uniquely collaborative design process that merged visual design and computer science talents to “sketch in code.”

In 2004 David closed the studio to work on larger projects. Working both client-side and in digital agencies, he set strategy and develop groundbreaking UI experiences for a wide range of clients. His work focused on taking his great depth in new media technologies and applying it to brand, consumer, and client needs to create new-to-the-world systems.

In 2013 David restarted Triplecode as a platform for consulting and building teams to create advanced interactive designs. For, as everything around us is transformed by new technologies, the need for innovative thinking about digital interaction is more important than ever.

David has taught, spoken, and written about the opportunities when interaction, information, and visual design are combined with new technologies. His work is inspired by experiences as diverse as film UI design to the latest in interactive research and geeky technology.

David has a graduate degree in design from the MIT Media Lab, has served on the board of AIGA/LA, and, at Art Center College of Design, developed curricula for and taught forward-thinking courses to the next generation of interactive designers. His work has been recognized with a wide range of press and awards — including a Gold Medal from IDSA & Businessweek.

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