Big Data

Data-driven design

The cover for the UCLA Extension Fall 2014 catalog was based on student enrollment data. This generative design project also included a “design your own cover” interactive.
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Data & healthcare

For a big data analytics healthcare client Triplecode developed a set of tools that examined the complex interactions between thousands of genes in numerous contexts. The results discovered new areas of research interest and gave new understandings of what personalized therapies may work best.

Making (big) data usable

People want more than a presentation of data. They need to understand it and be able to use it. The challenge is that each person has unique needs.

I’ve developed creative and innovative tools that let each user discover their own path through the information. The results are unique individual discoveries and personal insights.

A magical compass with which to explore and discover

MoodLogic was creating a new way for people to discover music. They had a big and complex set of data, but no intuitive or understandable way for the casual listener to use it. After a deeply collaborative research phase, Triplecode developed of a set of interfaces that emulated the way people use music. The results classified songs in terms of moods and listening environments, and gave a hands-on and fluid experience for exploring the data.
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Small starts can lead to big ideas

Projects often start with a pretty loose brief. Like, “we have some data, but don’t really know what to do with it.” Or, “we know there’s a better solution out there, but what?”

These are great questions. It lets projects start by exploring possibilities. It may be through research and ideation — often getting inspiration from unexpected places. Or it may be through sketching in code — an almost sculptural process where by working with real content or data, ideas and concepts begin to take form.

What’s exciting about starting small, is that the ideas that emerge can be even more surprising and impactful.

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