A platform that can showcase everyone

The Los Angeles chapter of AIGA, the professional organization for design, needed to better connect with its members. I opened the design process of their website to all members. The resulting platform allowed the community to engage in a variety of new ways and served as a model for the national organization.

Open Innovation to transform an organization

BMW Group wanted to harness the talent of all its employees so they could contribute their knowledge on design challenges throughout the company. For this significant project I worked with BMW to perform extensive research, develop future vision scenarios, and build an enterprise-scale set of open innovation tools for idea generation and management.

The power of social

People don’t want to be spoken to. They want to participate and collaborate. And I’ve worked on a wide range of projects that engage people — including museum exhibitions, educational toolkits, and enterprise-scale open innovation and community platforms. They let people have shared experiences — often in unexpected domains — that are radically more valuable than solitary ones.

Meaningful visitor participation

How do you make a museum experience relevant to each visitor, and have a lasting impact their lives? For an in-development museum I helped develop a concept that engages visitors through large scale digital displays and personal tablets that tailor the content for each visitor. The solution used games and other activities to make the visit social and active. And by incorporating living “real world” content, every visit is new and fresh.
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