Future Scenarios

Ford: Smart Mobility

How does Ford, one of the world’s largest companies, prepare for a future where their core business may be radically disrupted? By launching “Smart Mobility” — an innovation-based program that includes over 25 global experiments to explore future services, customer experiences, and ways to use data. I’m currently helping manage the design and UX of these projects — and excited to be defining the future of mobility. For more info, here’s a blog post I wrote.

Unified UI for HP

With a huge range of products and digital interfaces, HP was delivering an increasingly fragmented customer experience. I worked with HP to develop a company-wide user interface strategy. The result brought rationality and consistency, as well as signature interactions, to all customer touchpoints. More

Open Innovation to transform an organization

BMW Group wanted to harness the talent of all its employees so they could contribute their knowledge on design challenges throughout the company. For this significant project I worked with BMW to perform extensive research, develop future vision scenarios, and build an enterprise-scale set of open innovation tools for idea generation and management.

Developing & communicating new possibilities

With vehicles increasingly online and connected, the automotive world is going through a radical transformation. I have worked with BMW on multiple future-looking projects including vehicle interface strategies, interaction and design concepts, customer scenarios, and communication tools.

Embracing disruptive innovations

With the introduction of their Surface table, Microsoft needed designers to understand and embrace a radically new interaction design paradigm. I worked with Microsoft to develop a toolkit that helped designers not just learn the new design language, but inspired them to be more creative.

The need for North Stars

Organizations need strategic visions to guide, inspire, and frame their tactical work. By making these visions tangible I have helped clients target both the short and long term. And by making them flexible, they can evolve over time.

This work is grounded in business realities and, because of our experience, able to look past current trends and fads to develop long-lasting plans. The results support, enable, and delight both internal and external audiences. More

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