Making place relevant

With so much available online, the reasons for going to a “place” are changing. People want to participate and contribute before, during, and after their visit. Customers want experiences that personalize and are social — that give multiple perspectives and are tailored to their unique needs. Having worked with a wide range of cultural institutions and retail clients, I understand the content, curatorial, and business requirements — and know there’s a lot of potential to do things differently.

Humanizing a vast collection

The J. Paul Getty Museum, mid-way through the development of their “Getty Guide” museum-wide information system, turned to Triplecode to help make their kiosks and handheld devices more useful and usable. The work included rethinking the overall experience, a dynamic timeline, new art discovery tools, and mobile interfaces that made the museum’s art accessible to all visitors.

Meaningful visitor participation

How do you make a museum experience relevant to each visitor, and have a lasting impact their lives? For an in-development museum I helped develop a concept that engages visitors through large scale digital displays and personal tablets that tailor the content for each visitor. The solution used games and other activities to make the visit social and active. And by incorporating living “real world” content, every visit is new and fresh.
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