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Much of my previous work was confidential. Here is an overview of some of it…

What's the future mobility? For Ford I helped lead and manage UX design and innovation on a wide range of global projects and experiments that explored future services, customer experiences, and ways to use data.
I have worked with BMW on multiple large-scale future-looking projects including vehicle interface strategies, interaction and design concepts, and a company-wide open-innovation platform.
With the introduction of a new product line, Microsoft needed designers to understand and embrace a radically new interaction design paradigm. I lead the development of a toolkit that helped designers learn the new design language, and also inspired them to be more creative.
With a huge range of products and digital interfaces, Hewlett Packard was delivering an increasingly fragmented customer experience. I worked with HP to develop a company-wide user interface strategy. The result brought rationality and consistency, as well as signature interactions, to all customer touchpoints.
J. Paul Getty Museum
The museum turned to Triplecode to help make their museum-wide kiosks and handheld devices more useful and usable. The work included rethinking the overall experience, a dynamic timeline, new art discovery tools, and mobile interfaces that made the museum’s collection accessible to all visitors.
The Los Angeles chapter of AIGA needed to better connect with its members. As a board member and project lead I opened the design process of their website to the public. The resulting platform engage the community in a variety of new ways and served as a model for the national organization.
What's an engaging way for people to discover new music? Triplecode developed of a set of interfaces that emulated the way people think about music. The results classified songs in terms of moods and listening environments, and gave users a fluid, hands-on experience.
Big data. Healthcare. Museum design. Retail design. Future scenarios. It's a long list...